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This page is a list of the horses bred by Destiny Sporthorses. They have gone to wonderful homes and the owners have kindly given us a reference to show how happy they are. We will update photos as they become available.

Triple Star Destiny's Black Velvet

E.M.H 16hh plus Clyde x TB filly.
Born 08-12-14.
Sire: Nukumaru Laddie (16hh).
Dam: Diamond Beauty (15.2hh).

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Velvet is a beautiful filly with plenty of bone.

Proudly owned by the Triple Star Team.

 "We now own 3 horses from Destiny sport horses and all 3 are Beautiful well bred horses.
Were absolutely thrilled with the babies we purchased this year. We were kept up to date of there progress from day 1 to pick up time. Lots of pics of there training along the way. Leading tieing up Feet trims loading and travelling. By the time weaning came along we got 2 very nice well bred well adjusted young ladies which loaded perfectly and travelled like little pros. We would definitely recommend Destiny sport horses."

Sue Burton, Whangarei"


Triple Star Destiny's Mirage

E.M.H 16hh plus Clyde/TB/Stationbred filly.
Born 25-01-15.
Sire: Sunday's Destiny (16.1hh).
Dam: Sahara (15.2hh).

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Mirage is a very proud filly with plenty of presence!

Proudly owned by the Triple Star Team.

 "We now own 3 horses from Destiny sport horses and all 3 are Beautiful well bred horses.
Were absolutely thrilled with the babies we purchased this year. We were kept up to date of there progress from day 1 to pick up time. Lots of pics of there training along the way. Leading tieing up Feet trims loading and travelling. By the time weaning came along we got 2 very nice well bred well adjusted young ladies which loaded perfectly and travelled like little pros. We would definitely recommend Destiny sport horses.

Sue Burton, Whangarei"


Destiny's Lunar Eclipse

E.M.H 15.2hh plus 1/4 Clyde x TB filly.
Born 16-10-09.
Sire: Sunday's Destiny (16.1hh).
Dam: Maisey (15hh).

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Luna is a very sweet natured filly that is going to be an asset to her owner with her lines.

Proudly owned by Robert Lozell.

 "Luna is a very easy going filly that takes everything in her stride. Very quiet natured and could not be happier. Thanks very much for delivering her, she backed off the float like a pro"

Robert Lozell, Kiwitea"


Destiny's Kelilah

E.M.H 16hh plus Clyde x TB.
Born 04-10-14.
Sire: Nukumaru Laddie (16hh).
Dam: CH Bella (15.2hh TB/ID/WB).

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Keli is a sweet natured filly who certainly will be noticed! Sold as a weanling to Jodie Cawthorne.

"It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of reference for Destiny Sport Horses and Leonie Sweet. I recently purchased a weanling filly, Destiny's Kelilah. Keli was advertised on Trade Me in October as a foal and over the next five months Leonie kept me updated with anecdotes, photographs and video of her progress. When she finally got off the truck at my place it was ALMOST underwhelming because I already felt like I'd known my wee girl all of her life.

Keli is an absolute darling. She is calm and inquisitive and adjusts to every situation with ease. She is right at home with my 6 and 8 year old children shouting and running around her and is respectful of my senior horses. She has such personality and everyone who meets her falls for her. Leonie has done a wonderful job training Keli to lead, float and wear a cover. She picks up her feet with ease - my farrier is going to love her.

Destiny's Kelilah is definitely a very special part of my family and I am immensely impressed with both her breeding and temperament. I would and will recommend Destiny Sport Horses to anyone looking for a quality sport horse. Thank you so much Leonie.

Kind regards
Jodie Cawthorn, Auckland"


Destiny's Shaquille

E.M.H 15.2hh approx
Born 03-02-14.
Sire: JR (crossbred).
Mangaatua Blossom (crossbred).

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Shaquille (Hugo) is a stunning young man that is certainly going to be noticed by all!

"I'd like to start of by saying that through my decision to buy a young foal from Leonie and Matt I've established a lovely friendship with these two awesome people!
I first went out to Destiny SportHorse stud to buy a little filly named Whisper; Leonie was all too happy for me to visit any time which was just awesome. Then on one of my visits I fell in love with a gorgeous little newborn pinto colt named Destiny's Shaquille. I tried so hard to forget I'd seen him but sadly I could not and I had to change my mind. I was welcomed in and visited many times, I was always kept in the loop with updates and photos of my boy's progress. Leonie and Matt did a wonderful job of making me feel like I was an important part of the progress.
My baby- Destiny's Shaquille aka Hugo - turned up and he was just stunning, great to lead float etc and took all the hassle out of having a youngster knowing he had been started the right way! I will never hesitate to recommend Destiny SportHorse stud to anyone, not only do they breed gorgeous horses but they have been a delight to deal with and I have no doubt my friendship with them will continue for a long time to come!
Thank you Leonie and Matt, it has been a pleasure; you guys should be proud xx

Bobby Smith

Destiny's Careless Whisper

E.M.H 15.1hh approx
Stationbred x TB.
Born 31-10-13.
Sire: Diego (14.3hh Stationbred).
Dam: Idle Talk (15.2hh TB).

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Whisper is a very intelligent filly that tries hard to please.

 "I am the proud owner of Destiny's Careless Whisper and what a great deal for me!!

From the moment I took ownership of Whisper she has been nothing but a pleasure to handle! Leonie has done a great job teaching her to tie up, lead, float, be washed down and has even exposed her to the show ring! (I have taught her to eat an apple...)

I have never dealt with a horse from such a young age and took on Whisper anticipating there would be a long hard road of training ahead, however with such a solid beginning I feel that I have already got a head start and am looking forward to our future together!!

I would thoroughly recommend Destiny Sporthorses as a first port of call when purchasing a foal!

Sumita Rhodes

Destiny's Thunderstruck

E.M.H 16.2hh approx Clyde/TB/Stationbred.
Born 29-11-13.
Sire: Sunday's Destiny (16.1hh).
Dam:Destiny's Fortuna Famosa
(15.3hh TB x Stationbred).

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Thor is such a sweet natured lad! He is going to be a very stunning man when he matures and looking forward to hearing updates about him in future.

  "Thor is doing really well, I couldn't have asked for a more well-handled youngster.
Leonie and Matt have done a great job float training - on picking up Thor he walked straight on to the float, traveled well and unloaded like a pro.

I walk up to Thor in the paddock, put the halter on him, pick up his hooves; he doesn't even bat an eyelid. You guys have and are producing well-mannered and handled youngsters.
Leonie has been fantastic in updating us on Thor's progress over the five months as we have watched him grow and grow.

The pictures of the foal show just show you their dedication to producing well-bred, good-boned and temperament horses, and the passion they have in their sporthorse stud.

It's a shame I was only allowed one horse as I could have taken a lot more home with me.
All the best guys, thanks heaps and I'm so happy with Thor, and will definitely stay in touch.

Maraekakaho, Hastings"

Destiny's Dakota

E.M.H 15.2hh plus Clyde//TB/Stationbred.
Born 24-09-12.
Sire: Sunday's Destiny (16.1hh).
Dam: Xanadu Apache Sunlight (14.3hh).

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Didi was a very well loved girl while she was here. She had personality plus and going to go far in her future. Didi was originially sold as a weanling and went to her new home after the 2013 Central Districts Allbreeds Foal Show. Didi was then sold on a couple of months later to a wonderful home where she will be well loved.

  "I recently purchased a Destiny Sporthorse.... Destiny's Dakota.

I was told to check the Facebook page and look at photos and check the details of our latest addition by the people selling her.

It was so nice to touch base with Matt and Leonie and begin a chain of support and knowledge of our darling foal aged 10 months.

From the moment I took Dakota from the previous owners I felt secure that she had a large amount of input. At such a young age she was easy to float, easy to clean her feet, gentle and socialised and she would stop and would walk forward calmly by my side.  I love the fact that she comes to her name too ... it's become our party trick!!!!

Her pinto colouring still leaves me speechless - I often find myself just watching her and she is not adverse to us taking "selfies" with my camera.

Many Thanks
Lesley Thomas, Coatsville"

Destiny's Danny Boy

E.M.H 16hh plus Clyde/WB/ID/TB.
Born 04-10-11.
Sire: Sunday's Destiny (16.1hh).
Dam: Destiny's Rose of Tralee (16.2hh).

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Danny is a very lovable boy that sadly was going to be too tall for Leonie to retain as a future riding mount.
Danny was sold as a yearling as a future hunting mount.

  "I purchased Danny Boy from Matt & Leonie in February 2013 but due to work commitments I was unable to pick him up until the end of March. I was interested in his bloodlines as he will be hound hunted once he has established himself physically.

When I picked Danny Boy up from Taihape, I was quite surprised at his conformation and muscle definition for such a young horse and as anticipated he walked onto my float without any problem. I have been handling Danny Boy over the past few weeks and compared to my 6 year old clydextb that I purchased at the same age as Danny Boy, he is more responsive and a very quick learner.

Danny Boy is the star attraction with the children around our area, his presence and loving nature is easy to understand why. I am well pleased with my purchase and look forward to the day I can hunt Danny Boy.

Rangi Solomon, Hamilton"

Destiny's Shooting Star

E.M.H 15.2hh plus Warmblood/Stationbred/TB.
Born 10-11-12.
Sire: Dante (15.1hh Stationbred cross).
Dam: Topshelf LS (15.2hh TB/WB).

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Stella is certainly a filly with personality! She was adored by everyone who met her.
Stella has been sold as a future riding mount.

  "I brought Stella off DSH after going to see her and instantly falling in love. At four weeks old she was so friendly with a great temperament which is indicative of the way in which Leonie and Matt raise their horses.

I was sent photos and updates of how Stella was going regularly which was great, and I was also able to visit her which was even better!

When she arrived to me, it was obvious how much time, effort and passion Leonie and Matt put into bringing up and teaching the foals. She walked off the truck, wore a halter, led, tied up, covered, hosed, and lifted her hooves like a pro, she didn't even bat an eyelid and has continued not to whatever I might throw at her.

I am so happy with Stella, and if I was to get another foal or horse in the future I would hands down look to DSH.

Thank you Leonie and Matt for making the process SO easy and being so helpful with everything! And also for letting me buy Stella, she is perfect.

Olivia Freeth, Wellington"

Destiny's Pied Piper

E.M.H 15.2hh plus Warmblood/Stationbred /Irish draft/TB.
Born 29-09-12.
Sire: PS Bernie Mac (15.2hh WB x stationbred).
Dam: CH Bella (15.2hh TB/ID/WB).

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Piper is a gorgeous filly that was very trainable and sweet natured and has been sold as a future dressage horse.

Now owned by Meredith Vollebregt.

  "Funnily enough we thought we had found our foal (but as yet had not put a deposit on it). On the morning we were going out again to view the foal for a second time, I was browsing Trade Me and saw Piper. I contacted DSH immediately, the rest is history. The solid foundation that DSH have put into choosing the horses they breed from is very evident in all of the progeny that they produce and from the other references.

In short, Matt and Leonie are super people who produce super horses. The transport driver summed it up when he said ”She has it all”. It is now on us to continue her education.

Jared and Sol Best, Wellington"

Destiny's Kallista

E.M.H 16hh plus Clyde/TB x Stationbred filly.
Born 03-07-12.
Sire: Sunday's Destiny (16.1hh).
Dam: Nakita (15.2hh clyde x Stationbred).

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Kali is an absolutely stunning filly with plenty of bling and ticking. She was sold as a weanling to a great home not far from us and we look forward to visiting her as she grows.

  "I recently purchased a weanling filly, Kali, from Destiny Sporthorse stud. She is a fine young Clydesdale cross. Leonie has done a good job in rearing her, she is well handled and in good condition. We visited the stud on three occasions, and each time we were made to feel very welcome. Leonie and Matt obviously love their horses and spend lots of time with them.

Leonie and Matt were great to deal with and kept in touch throughout the process. We still keep in contact with them and look forward to having them visit us to see Kali’s progress.
My daughter Katie and I were given the opportunity to ride Sundays Destiny (Des). He was such a gentleman and a pleasure to be around.

Kali is now six months old and has settled in well on our farm. She is budded up with Vienna, one of my old geldings. She has grown a lot since she arrived at our place, and it looks like she is going to be a big girl when she has fully matured.

Michele Gray, Wanganui"

Destiny's Rose of Tralee

E.M.H 16.2hh Clyde x WB/TB/ID filly.
Born: 28-10-08.
Sire: Destiny's Toy Boy (15.3hh).
Dam: Heikenway (15.3hh).

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Rose was retained by us until a rising four year old. She had one lovely foal for us before we decided she would be better out and about than just being a broodie.

  "After having the pleasure of knowing Leonie at Destiny Sporthorses and seeing the beautiful foals she breeds every season, I finally got the chance to purchase one of her offspring this year.

Destiny's Rose of Tralee came to stay with me in April and was here for two months getting some mileage. During her stay she was a pleasure in every way; she has a beautiful, kind nature, and tried her best every time.

A few months after she was returned I got invited to buy her, which I could not turn down. She is now on her way to becoming a competition horse, hopefully saddle hunter or the likes. Her solid foundation work she had while she was with Leonie is a credit to her now.

I work with a lot of horses from many different backgrounds. Rose has had a great start to life and I know she has amazing potential.

Destiny progeny are always welcome in my paddocks!

Maria Elfstrom, Ohakune"


Destiny's Lightning Ridge

E.M.H 16.2hh Clyde x CB/TB colt.
Born 29-09-11.
Sire: Sunday's Destiny (16.1hh).
Dam: Opal (16hh).

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Zeus is a lovely natured boy and reminds us so much of his dad! He was sold as a weanling and will be retained as a colt for future stud duties and dressage.

  "After contacting the stud and talking with Leonie I visited (DSH), had a look at their horses and was very taken with Zeus. He was well mannered with good conformation and good looks. Then to see his sire (Sunday's Destiny) just confirmed what I had seen in his offspring.

After a lovely day with Leonie and her Dad, I set off back to Cambridge. Leonie and Matt wanted to take some youngstock to the 2012 Central Districts all breeds foal show and we discussed Zeus.

They did a great job of preparing him, extremely professional and their representation on the day was impeccable!! I got a very excited phone call on the day from Leonie as I could not attend.
Zeus claimed:

WOW!!! So exciting!

I have found Zeus to be a pleasure to handle and looking forward to continuing his education and including more shows in the future.

I would highly recommend (DSH). Very knowledgeable and professional in their business dealings and breed super horses.

Thank you,

Kind Regards,
Jane Falconer (BERWICK FARM), Cambridge"

Destiny's Anastasia

E.M.H 15.2hh plus stationbred x filly.
Born 06-02-11.
Sire: Tiger (14.2hh stationbred).
Dam: Destiny's Fortuna Famosa
(15.3hh TBxStationbred.).

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Kitty is a lovely buckskin girl with a very sweet nature. Sold as a yearling to Brian Butler.

Photo of Kitty as a two year old with her owner Brian.

  "Kitty is being broken in at the moment and the groundwork Matt and Leonie have put into Kitty has made that job much easier! Legs, shoeing and floating etc have not been any trouble. We are looking forward to having her back and she will be a fabulous riding horse. Kitty has a wonderful temperament. We thoroughly recommend Matt and Leonie to deal with...they know what they are about! We will certainly keep in touch with them.

Anne and Brian Butler, Waipawa"


Destiny's Pablo Picasso

E.M.H 16hh Stationbred colt.
Born 16-11-10.
Sire: Destiny's Pancho Villa (16.2hh).
Dam: Destiny's Darcita (15.3hh).

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Pablo is a lovely colt with great conformation and movement. Sold as a rising two year old to Pam Foster.

  "From the moment I first contacted D.S.H about "Pablo", I was very impressed with their friendly and helpful manner. When he arrived off the truck, I was also very impressed with the way they had done the ground work, making him a delight to handle, catch and lead. His body condition and feet were impeccable, a real credit to D.S.H. I wish that I had more money to buy some more horses off them!

Pam Foster, Helensville"

Destiny's Rumour Has It

E.M.H 17hh Clyde x TB filly.
Born 06-11-11.
Sire: Chrighton Lanarkshire (17hh Clydesdale).
Dam: Idle Talk (15.2hh TB).

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Faith is a lovely natured filly. She was sold as a weanling and is going to be a very solid girl.

  "I brought “Destiny’s Rumour Has It” (Faith) after visiting Leonie and Matt to look at Faith. I was undecided if she would be the horse for me when I went to see her, as I had another  four horses to look at, ranging from 5mths old to 4 years (I never did get to see them).

I have had horses all my life and worked in all disciplines including with young stock so was expecting a flighty weanling and when I got there I was totally blown away with how quiet and well handled Faith was. Leonie not only breeds horses with good temperaments but also great conformation and the handling both her and Matt do with their young stock is a credit to them. Needless to say I decided to buy Faith that day.

Matt and Leonie  were so accommodating with me, letting me watch while they gave her two days of floating lessons (bandages and all!) before delivering her to me  two days later.  I’ve now had Faith about six weeks, she calls out to me when I go outside, comes walking up for attention and no doubt for her feed too.

She is a dream to pick out her feet, brush, lead and cover and all this is due to the work that was done in the early stages by Leonie and Matt. If I was looking for another young horse I would go and see Leonie and Matt first, that’s how impressed I am with their stock and handling of their horses.

I will keep you up to date on her progress.

Thanks again,

Sandy Strivens, Rangiwahia"

Destiny's Blackjack

E.M.H 15.3hh 1/4 Clyde x TB colt.
Born 26-09-11.
Sire: Sunday's Destiny (16.1hh).
Dam: Diamond Beauty (15.2hh).

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Jack was the first born for the season. He was sold as a weanling to a fantastic home in Eltham as a future showjumper/eventer.

  "I bought a weanling colt (Jack) off DSH and he is a dream. Matt and Leonie do an awesome job of teaching their foals the most important things like good manners, leading, tying up, picking out hooves, floating, etc. which is great for me as I have no experience with weanlings.

I was lucky enough to visit Jack a few times before I got him and it was fantastic to be able to meet both sire and dam. Leonie even put me on his sire Des, bareback with a halter and rope!! What more can I say.......

If I ever get another weanling, I would look no further than DSH. Matt and Leonie are very knowledgeable, friendly and great to deal with :)

I was well informed of how Jack was doing through e-mails and so many photos!! It's great having photos to look back on. Leonie was even kind enough to organise transport for us.

Jack is everything I dreamed of, plus more. The whole family love him to bits. If anyone wants a placid, well-bred & mannered, and beautiful horse then I very highly recommend DSH.

Thanks heaps Guys :)

Kind regards
Jo Zehnder, Eltham"

Destiny's Paramour

E.M.H 15.1 1/4 Clyde x TB filly.
Born 16-10-09.
Sire: Sunday's Destiny (16.1hh).
Dam: Lady Amour (15.1hh).

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Cleo is a sweetheart that unfortunately was not going to grow tall enough for us to retain as a future broodmare.

Proudly owned by April Hickman..

  "I recently purchased a brown rising two filly from DSH stud.
I bought her sight unseen only having the trade-me photos to go on and the good words of Leonie from DSH stud.
I have been a fan of "Sundays Destiny" for some time now and was over the moon at the thought of being able to own one of his progeny.
I picked the filly up myself (who I have since named "Charm") and as it was a four hour float ride and Charms first big travel, I was totally in awe over the way Charm handled both the floating and the distance. She took it all in her stride and was an absolute pleasure to travel and unload (in the dark) at my end.
I have since handled Charm and covered her, enjoying every moment of her company.
Charm has a beautiful temperament and once her winter woolies are out I believe she will be a stunning young girl.
Charm is a credit to DSH studs breeding and early handling, she has obviously had alot of quality time spent on her education this far and has been handled with calmness and kindness.
It is now up to me to continue Charms education and I can only hope I live up to DSH studs expectations for their gorgeous offspring.
It is a priviledge to me to have been chosen as a suitable home for Charm and look forward to a continued friendship between DSH stud and myself.
Thank you to Leonie and Matt for their friendly hospitality and showing me their beautiful mares, weanlings and best of all "Des" himself.
Des is a stallion to be admired in every way, he is the total package. Temperament, style, rideability and of course his ultra good looks. Every girls dream. :)
DSH stud deserves all the feedback they have and I highly recommend them to anybody that is looking for that one in a million, total package foal/offspring that has been bred by "Des" out ot their own mares.
Leonie and Matt are two people that are a pleasure to talk to and their word can be trusted. I will definitely be going back to the stud in the future to secure another of their foals in the coming years. Thanks a million to Leonie and Matt, all the best for your 2011 breeding season. :)
I'll keep in touch with updated photos as Charm grows and continues her life education. :)
Kind regards
Netty Field  :), Hawkes Bay"


Destiny's Dreams Come True

E.M.H 16hh plus ASB x ID/WB/TB.
Born 21-11-10.
Sire: Denmark's Platinum Playboy
(16.2hh American Saddlebred).
Dam: Heikenway (15.3hh 1/2 ID x WB/TB.).

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Raine is a very special young lady that everyone who met her fell in love with. Sold as a weanling to Leesha Conway.

  "After searching for four years I have finally found my dream horse. As soon as I saw Raine (Then Destiny's Rainbows End now Destiny's Dreams Come True) on Trade Me I felt she was the one for me. After reading the references on their Destiny Sporthorses page I was certain that she would be perfect for me. She was the first horse I had found that ticked all the boxes. Matt and Leonie have been really great at keeping me well informed of her progress with regular emails and photos from the time I purchased her at just under a month old.
The best surprise for me was the chilled out weanling that greeted me the moment the truck ramp was lowered. Having worked in a few thoroughbred studs, I have seen my share of weanlings; it's very rare to find one with her calm nature. She has settled in well with the other horses on the property and already all of us here love her.

Within the first four days of receiving her, I took Raine with her new paddock pals to a training course about a fifteen minute walk down the road. Shed handle the traffic, as well as some other potentially scary objects on the way brilliantly. Even when one car approached from behind without slowing down or giving us some room, she only jogged forward a few steps and a gentle tug on the halter was all it took to settle her down again. Most of the weanlings I have worked with in the past would have had hysterics at least half a dozen times on that walk. At the training course everyone there was impressed with her behavior, in fact she behaved better than many of the older horses there! She is already showing herself willing and eager to learn.

I am very impressed with the work that Leonie and Matt have done with her and will be more than willing to assure any future buyers that if you buy from DSH you will be getting a well adjusted young horse who will be a delight to own. Now it is my job to keep up the good training that they have started.
Thanks to my DSH team for my Dream Come True!
Leesha Conway, Kumeu"


Destiny's Ambrosia

E.M.H 16.2hh plus Clyde/TB x Stationbred filly.
Born 27-11-10.
Sire: Sunday's Destiny (16.1hh).
Dam: Nakita (15.2hh clyde x Stationbred).

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This filly was very noticable with her four long socks. She is a very laid back filly that accepted everything you asked of her. She will be sadly missed.

Now owned by Cassandra Wingate of Rotorua.

  "Kia Ora Destiny Sporthorses,

Thank you for such a beautiful young horse. Amber is more than I had expected. I never thought it would be possible to acquire a strong and essentially quiet young horse with the capacity to learn (this is obviously due to correct and dedicated handling). I have access to a lot of horses through family links but I firmly believe in raising from young to create the best horse and learn myself. I havnt the skill, patience or confidence to handle from new born yet which is why I went to a DSH stud and I now know what can be achieved.

Once again thank you and keep up the good work.



Destiny's Darcita

15.3hh Stationbred x TB.
Born 2005.
Sire: Omkara (15.3hh stationbred).
Dam: Sandy Acres (16hh stationbred x TB.).

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It was very hard to sell our lovely mare Cita which we bred. She had given us two beautiful foals.
Cita was started under saddle by DSH and did the occasional ride over the farm. Cita was sold as a 5 year old.

Cita is now owned by Tracey Coates.

  "I bought Cita off Leonie in April 2011 (I have had her for 10 x weeks).  She was quite green, but has proven to be a quick learner, with a lovely nature.  I can now ride her bareback in halter, lead my 2 year old child on her, she is jumping confidently and clearly over 90cm.  She is a little sensitive, which is great as she moves off my leg and responds to aids, always trying hard to guess the next movement and to please.  She is currently barefoot and copes on the riverbed and jumping out of slippery grass.  Three lovely paces and I think she will make a nice eventer.

A great buy and I love her.

Tracy Mason, Hawkes Bay"

Triple Star Destiny's Accolade

E.M.H 16.3hh plus Clyde x Stationbred x TB colt.
Born 3-10-09.
Sire: Sunday's Destiny (16.1hh).
Dam: Destiny's Fortuna Famosa
(15.3hh TB x Stationbred.).

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Ace is our first second-generation bred foal that turned out to be everything we hoped.
Adele informed me that Ace was approximately 16hh as a two year old so he is going to be a tall boy!

Ace was originally sold as a weanling to Geraldine Butler. He is now proudly owned by Susan Burton's 15yo son Josh.

  "We bought a weanling colt from Leonie and Matt sight unseen - the picture they put on Trade Me took my eye straight away as he was a very upstanding, elegant, confident-looking guy which was what I was trying to breed.  
I took the gamble on gut instinct and it paid off. When we went down to the foal show to pick him up I wasn't disappointed as he was all I was wanting. They did a great job in preparing him for the show and he was a complete gentleman to take out.
Their hard work and dedication to their breeding programme is a credit to them both. I would highly recommend their youngstock to any potential buyers as they can be assured they will be picking up a well handled, beautifully prepared and confident foal ready to face the future in any discipline chosen for it.
Thanks guys also for your hospitality while we were staying down there - it was a long way from home!! Good luck for the future. We will be keeping an eye out for next year's babies.

Geraldine, Whangarei "

Destiny's Emerald Isle

E.M.H 16hh plus ID x Clyde x WB x TB filly.
Born 26-10-09.
Sire: Sunday's Destiny (16.1hh).
Dam: Heikenway (15.3hh 1/2 ID x WB/TB.).

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Tara is a chip off the block just like her half sister with her movement and nature. Tara was sold as a weanling and then purchased back by Leonie as a five year old.

  "I purchased my foal DESTINY'S EMERALD ISLE -TARA from Destiny Sport Horses approx 2 months ago now. Since buying her Leonie & Matt have very kindly let me continue to graze her for a few months at their stud. When originally viewing Tara, I was impressed at how well handled she was for a 4 month foal - she was very happy to be tied up, groomed, hooves picked up & led in hand.
I also got to meet DESTINY who for a stallion was just so laid back & loved the attention; it was really refreshing to see a stallion naturally running with his mares. I also got to meet Tara's dam HEIKENWAY. Leonie's hospitality was great as she kindly put lunch on for us before we headed back home .
Since purchasing Tara, Leonie has kept me very up to date with friendly emails on all Tara's training in preparation for the May Foal Show, which we had agreed would be a great outside experience for Tara. I have not only received emails but also pictures & video clips of Tara's inhand training & float training which has been  great.
On the 8 th May I travelled to Feilding to watch my new foal at her first show . Tara arrived at the showgrounds totally calm & relaxed after her hour long journey on the float. She didn't seem fazed at all by her new surroundings - it was hard to believe it was her first outing . I was very happy with how Tara looked, she certainly has received the best of care whilst being in Leonie's & Matt's care.
Tara handled her day's showing extremely well especially as the classes were held in an indoor arena which was also a new experience for her. Her handler Matt did a exceptional job of handling her in the ring .
Overall the day was a major success , not only did my foal impress me but she also impressed the judge ,who handed out 3 RED RIBBONS, 1 YELLOW RIBBON & RESERVE CHAMPION!
A real credit to Leonie & Matt & to DESTINY SPORT HORSES . I would HIGHLY recommend this stud to any prospective buyer.
Thanks heaps to both you guys.



Destiny's Côte d'Azure

E.M.H 16hh+ Clyde x Stationbred X gelding.
Born 08-10-09.
Sire: Sunday's Destiny (16.1hh).
Dam: Blueberry (16.2hh stationbred).

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Cody is a lovely natured gelding that was sold as a weanling to a lovely young lady as a future showjumper.

  "After seeing Cody's (Destiny's Côte d`Azure) picture on Trade Me we knew he was the foal for us, and after meeting him at his home with Matt & Leonie at the Destiny Sport Horse Stud we knew we had made the right decision.
I have never come across a foal who is just so laid back and well mannered. He has even become the talk of our local pony club since I took him for a walk down the road to pay them a visit and for him to also see what was going on. He took it all in his stride and just stood quietly and watched.
I think that the work that Matt & Leonie put into their DSH foals is a credit to them because they produce such well adjusted and relaxed foals that are a pleasure to own and to work with.
Cody has settled in quickly and easily with our other two horses and my 14yr old daughter finds him a dream to handle and is excited about working with him in the future years.
Thank you Matt & Leonie for making our first foal a joy to own and we will recommend your foals and horses to everyone who is looking for a dream horse to own.
Looking forward to keeping in touch and updating you on Cody`s progress in the months and years ahead.

Elaine and Amy Bliss-Bennet"

Destiny's Moonshadow

E.M.H 15.3hh+ Clyde x Stationbred gelding.
Born 27-10-08.
Sire: Toy Boy (15.3hh clydex).
Dam: Destiny's Darcita (15.3hh TB x stationbred).

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Shadow was the first out of our baby Cita and performed well at the CD Foal Show (photo) before trucking as a weanling to his new owners in Nelson.

Latest photo is of Shadow as a rising four year old.

  "I am a first time buyer from "The Horse Trader"! I noticed the advert from Destiny Sporthorses for "Shadow" who at the time was a 5 month old.

Normally I would like to sight a horse that I am purchasing, but after calling Leonie and speaking with her over the phone (me calling from the South Island and Leonie and "Shadow" being in the North Island!) I felt at ease with the process of buying and getting my new colt sent down to us in Nelson.

At all times Leonie has kept me up to date with the progress of Shadow with phone calls, emails and photos.
When Shadow arrived in Nelson I was over the moon with him. His temperament is perfect and he is such a wee sweetie in the paddock. No fuss and very well mannered. He has a lovely conformation and head and eye are very kind. A "no fuss" fella that's for sure.
I definitely recommend that if anyone is interested in the future to buy from Destiny Sporthorses, you will have a pleasant experience and really good outcome as I did.

Pip Morrison
Richmond, Nelson


Sire: Cherokee Redson Renegade (14hh Kaimanawa)
Dam: Nakita (15.2hh clyde x Stationbred).

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We bought Nakita with foal at foot and gave Abby basic handling before selling her as a weanling.

  "Abby is such a delight and has an awesome nature. When we bought her off Leonie and Matt she had only been handled for a few weeks and she was so quiet and well mannered, they did a truly wonderful job!! Abby comes everywhere with us and is such a pleasure to handle!! She hops up onto the truck now like a pro and travels awesomely!! When we got her home, she just settled in and has been a dream ever since.

I certainly recommend Destiny Sporthorses to any other buyers. They produce truly gorgeous foals and the handling they give them is awesome, a real credit to their stud.

Thanks Leonie and Matt for such a wonderful wee filly.

Regards Stacey & Kim Jones"

Destiny's Rendezvous

EMH 15.2hh plus 3/4 TB x Clyde gelding.
Born 11-10-08.
Sire: Sunday's Destiny (16.1hh).
Dam: Lady Amour (15.1hh).

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Ronnie is a sweet natured black gelding that has the cute factor and was sold as a weanling.

Ronnie was sold by Claire and he is now proudly owned Leanne Rohloff of Drury, South Auckland.

  “We are the new proud owners of Destiny's Rendezvous. I have been around horses for over 20 years and have never before met such a lovely friendly bunch of beautiful foals,  but most notably the stallion Sunday's Destiny absolutely blew me away, he is gorgeous in every way, and I had my first wee ride on a stallion. With his mares nearby he was a perfect gentleman and I'm sure that if he'd had a saddle on, I would have wanted a much longer ride! He is a true asset, and all of the stud's horses are a tribute to the hard working and knowledgable Leonie and Matt. Our new baby was so well handled that he was calm for the whole long ride home, and happily settled straight into his new environment. I am excited about working with him, and can't wait to ride him.
I would not hesitate to recommend Destiny Sport Horse Stud to anyone; honesty, fair prices, friendly, knowledgable, "real" people, and even a place to stay. I will be going back for a holiday at the beautiful homestead as soon as time permits.

Thank you very much - we look forward to seeing you again.

Dave and Claire, Featherston

Ghana  (previously named
Destiny's Insignia

EMH 17hh 3/4 TB x Clyde gelding.
Born 05-10-07.
Sire: Sunday's Destiny (16.1hh).
Dam: Flying Seal (16hh TB).

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Ghana is a beautiful gelding that will be shown inhand and be trained as a showjumper in future. If he was a filly, we would have retained him!

Ghana was sold as a weanling to Lisa Nicol.

Ghana is now proudly owned by Lucy Rowe of Manawatu and is competing at 1.20m.

  “I recommend anyone to purchase a horse from DSH as Leonie and Matt are very helpful and do the basic education of the youngster and keep you well informed with emailing and photos.

My weanling Zinny is very laid back, sensible and trainable and I am looking forward to starting his career. Thanks Leonie and Matt for also going out of your way and transporting Zinny to Woodville horse floats to get him to me safely.

Regards Lisa Nichol Havelock North."

Destiny's Windstorm

EMH 15.2hh plus 3/4 TB x Clyde gelding.
Born 05-10-07.
Sire: Sunday's Destiny (16.1hh).
Dam: Toya (15.2hh TB).

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Storm is a lovely natured boy that will be used for riding and dressage when he is old enough.

Storm was sold as a weanling to the South Island and the photo is of Storm as a yearling.

Storm is registered with the NZ Sporthorse Promotion Board.

  "I had a pleasure in buying a colt foal Destiny's WindStorm, who has such a lovely kind nature and everything I was looking for in a horse- exceptional movement, easy to handle and well mannered. Storm is well trained and respectful because of the time Leonie and her crew have put into him.

Destiny Sporthorses have given me a dream colt,and I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone considering purchasing a horse. From start to finish, they have put the horses' needs first, and have emailed every day to check on Storm and our progress, as well as being totally friendly and trustworthy.

Jeanie Taylor and Storm, Christchurch"

Destiny's Kara Mia

EMH 15.2hh plus TB x Stationbred filly.
Born 12-12-06.
Sire: Omkara (15.3hh stationbred).
Dam: Lady Amour (15.1hh).

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Mia is a stunning palomino filly that is going to do inhand showing and future use as a dressage horse.

Top photo of Mia at the 2007 North Island All Breeds foal show.

Second photo is of Mia as a four year old.

Mia is registered with the NZ Sporthorse Promotion Board and NZ Golden Horse Society.

  "I made the decision to purchase Mia (Destiny's Kara Mia) when she was just 3 weeks old. From that time the communication from DSH was terrific, I was kept up to date with her progress and was emailed regular photos.

Now in her new home Mia has adjusted extremely well. She has a wonderful temperament being easy to handle, calm and sensible, a delight to own. Leonie and Matt's early handling is very reflective of her present day behavior, along with their selective breeding requirements for good temperaments.

Well done. Thank you for your support and encouragement.

Fran Gribble, Rotorua."

Destiny's Duchess

EMH 15.2-16hh Clydex filly.
Born 25-09-06.
Sire: Caballero (15.3hh 3/4 clydex).
Dam: Awatea Tiara (15.2hh stationbred).

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Poppy is a lovely brown filly with a very laid back nature that was sold as a weanling. She is branded with our stud brand and was sold as a weanling.

Top photo is of Poppy as a rising two year old and lower was taken early 2009. Poppy is registered with the NZ Sporthorse Promotion Board.

  "We are delighted with our purchase from Destiny Sporthorses.  Poppy (Destiny's Duchess) has settled in well and has an fantastic temperament. She is easy to handle, loves attention and has started being lead around the farm. She is a confident foal and happy to walk out in front of her companion. She has been visited by the farrier and was very well behaved. She is growing fast and gaining a nice winter coat.  She loves her food!!!

Leonie and Matt are very nice people, extremely helpful and certainly know their horses.
I will keep in touch.
Lucy, Taupo"

Destiny's Chantilly Lace

15.2hh Clydex filly.
Born 15-01-05.
Sire: Crighton Lanarkshire (17hh clydesdale).
Dam: Gemma (15.3hh stationbred).

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Lace is a solid mare with a lovely temperament. She is branded with our stud brand and was sold as a yearling.

  "I purchased a filly (Destiny’s Chantilly Lace) from Destiny Sporthorses in 2005 and am absolutely delighted with her.  We had a 3 hour journey home and her behaviour both on and off the float is a credit to Destiny Sporthorses and the way in which she was handled as a foal.  Nothing bothered her and she handled the journey like a ‘pro’.  Even when we got home to her new and strange surroundings, she wasn’t fazed at all.   I certainly get the feeling she is going to be a very sensible and lovely natured mare.

I can certainly recommend Destiny Sporthorses to other buyers.  Communication between parties throughout the purchase phase was excellent and I found Leonie to be totally honest and more than accommodating of any requirements I had.  I also appreciate the opportunity (Leonie’s suggestion) to keep in touch with Destiny Sporthorses regarding Lace’s progress. Thank you Leonie and Matt.

Debbie Webster, Dannivirke"

Destiny's Night Empress

EMH 15.2hh Clydex filly.
Born 10-12-05.
Sire: Caballero (15.3hh 3/4 clydex).
Dam: Flying Seal (16hh TB).

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Emma was born on a wet morning. She is branded with our stud brand and was sold at foot with her dam.

Photos of Emma as a rising two year old. Emma is registered with the NZ Sporthorse Promotion Board. She is half sister to Destiny's Knight Rider.

  "I have had a couple of very successful dealings with Destiny Sporthorses. I am delighted with the temperament of my young filly who is proving to be a quick learner and is sensible and willing.

Leonie always keeps in touch, is always supportive and continues to show interest in how things are going. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone interested in doing business with them.

Miranda Williams, New Plymouth"

Emma has been sold by Miranda in September 2007 to a home in Auckland.


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