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Our Broodmares
Fame | Grumpy | Diva | Glori | Desi | Bella | Donna | Kamo | Nakita | Star

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Our group of mares have been chosen for their temperament, movement and conformation. Eventually many of our older mares will be replaced with fillies to carry on their line. Our girls are not just left in a paddock and neglected, they get regular care and attention because they are special! Just because they may be a broodmare, that does not mean they are less important in any way because without them, we would not be the quality stud that we are.


Destiny's Fortuna Famosa
Sire: Weiti Jackpot.
Dam: Dollar.
15.3hh TB x Stationbred.
Born 2004.

Translation "Famous Fortune". Fame is a gentle natured girl with attitude. Her dam Dollar was by "Matou" and did training eventing before being used as a broodmare. Fame is a buckskin tobiano with a fifty percent change of having tobiano foals.

Bred by us, Fame is a replacement for her dam that we sadly lost due to a paddock accident.

Fame went to the 2010 Karioi sports day doing the Shepherds' section on the day. Fame took it in her stride which is great for a horse that only had 7 hours actual riding under her belt!

Video footage of Fame under saddle

Fame is registered with the NZ Pinto Society and NZ Golden Horse Society.

Fame's DSH progeny to date are Destiny's Accolade,Destiny's Finn McCool, Destiny's Anastasia, Destiny's Thunderstruck, Destiny's Diamond Exchange and Destiny's Acclaim.

Fame had a stunning buckskin pinto colt by Des on the 5th December 2017 named Destiny's Lucky Strike. Lucky has been retained by stud.

Fame is in foal to Des and due end November 2018. Foal is under select-a-foal contract.

Subtle Secrets
Sire: Masterpiece.
Dam: QKS Grincheux fille.
15.1hh crossbred.
Born: 2004.

Grumpy is a gorgeous palomino pinto mare that has been leased to us by Twin Blues Stud.

We plan to put Grumpy in foal to Sunday's Destiny for the 2017/2018 breeding season.


Destiny's Déja Vu
Sire: Sunday's Destiny.
Dam: Nakita.
EMH: 16hh plus Clyde/TB/Stationbred.
Born: 2013.

Diva is a lovely young lady that was bred by us. We retained her as a broodmare for our stud.

Diva has done a show as a weanling where she did very well. We look forward to the foals she will provide for our stud.

Diva's DSH pogeny to date is Destiny's Resolution.

Diva scanned in foal to black pinto clyde cross colt Anzac owned by On Route Sporthorse Stud and due end October 2018. Foal is under select-a-foal contract.


Sire: Thano.
Dam: Misguided Angel.
16.2hh TB.
Born: 2009.

Glori is a lovely big mare with all the bling. She is a proven broodmare.

Glori scanned in foal to a pinto stallion called Libelski. She is due early March 2019.


Craighaven Bella
Sire: Craighaven Viola.
Dam: Isabelle.
15.2hh TB/ID/WB.
Born 2004.

Bella is a proven broodmare that is ½ TB, ½ WB/ID breeding. Her bloodlines include top lines such as Kingsway Diamond, Valiant, Jaguar, Imperial Seal and In the Purple.

Bella is half sister to the well known Craighaven Leviosa, a successful showjumper and sire.

Bella is unbroken due to a leg injury as a youngster. She is a great asset to our stud with her top bloodlines.

Bella's DSH progeny to date are Destiny's Pied Piper, Destiny's Kelilah and Destiny's Phoenix Rising.

Bella scanned in foal to black pinto clyde cross colt Anzac owned by On Route Sporthorse Stud and due end October 2018.

Sire: Buffalo Man.
Dam: Three Cheers.
15hh TB.
Born 2012.

Donna is a compact little lady with bling. She has a very sweet nature and we look forward to her first foal for our stud.

Donna foaled a sweet colt by Des named Destiny's Delta Force on the 07 October 2017. Sarge is sold.

Sire: Unknown
Dam: Unknown
15.2hh Crossbred.
Born 2001.

Kamo is a very solid mare with a lovely nature. She is a proven broodmare

We plan to put Kamo in foal to Des for the 2018/2019 season.


Sire: Unknown.
Dam: Uknown.
15.2hh crossbred
Born 1997.

Nakita is a smokey black. She is well put together mare that produces fantastic progeny..

Nakita's DSH progeny to date are Destiny's Ambrosia, Destiny's Kallista and Destiny's Déja Vu.

Nakita scanned in foal to Des and due early September 2018.


Sire: Vollrath Duval.
Dam: Unnamed TB.
15.3hh Warmblood x TB
Born 2004.

Desi is a gorgeous warmblood cross mare with the legendary blood line of Dynamit.

Desi's DSH progeny to date is Destiny's Midas Touch.

Desi is in foal to Des and due end October 2018.


Sire: Unknown.
Dam: Unknown.
15.1hh East Coast Ngati Stationbred.
Born 2003.

Star is a very solid mare that is going to be a great addition to our stud.

Star foaled a stunning black filly by Des on the 30th August 2017 named Destiny's Verthandi. that has been sold.

Star is in foal to Des again due end November 2018 and her foal is under select-a-foal contract.


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